super shiney sparkley sensations

or that's what i keep telling people

20 June 1981
This is a journal devoted to me. As such it is completely random; full of angst, bull-shit, lies, bad poetry, the odd slash ficlet, many many many lists, and the occasional graphic, love for friends, MEMES like omg, and ramblings like you wouldn't believe.

I used to abhor the idea of fanfiction.

Then I took a peek to see what it is all about.

Then I got hooked, but didn't tell anyone, cause the shame the shame!

Now? I am hooked, and fuck you all if you have a problem with it.

I'm also more than willing to beta (proofread/edit/red-ink-of-doom) anyone else's fic if they ask nicely. I'll even read Snarry these days.

I have a dirty mouth, a big ass, and so much love I want to share.

Feel free to friend me, just drop me a line if you do. I will most likely add you back, as I don't particularly care who reads my ramblings. And if I do, I know the glory of the f-lock and feel no shame in using it.

WARNING! I am an adult. As stated above, I have a foul mouth at times. I use adult language, post stories of adult nature, and have even been known to post naked pictures (lord no, not of myself!) on my journal. If you are underaged and friend me, or even read my journal randomly, it is on your head, not mine. But you are still more than welcome. Because I know what I was reading before the age of 18, and it sure as shit wasn't Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Actually, it was Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series, when I was 13 or 14.

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